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    Unleash Your Inner Designer

    Do you have a creative young girl who loves to design her own clothing?  Does she have you sewing things for her left and right?  Is she ready to take it to the next step?  If so, you have to check out this amazing site I found that targets girls ages 5-12.  Fashion Playtes is an online clothing design studio!  The girls are able to create their very own clothing line that they can wear or give as personalized gifts to their friends!  Fashion Playtes offers a fun, creative outlet for self-expression and engaging shared experiences.

    The process is quite simple too!  All you have to do is select your garment, color and embellish!  Once you are finished with your design, save it and it appears in your closet.  You then can try it on, make accessories, and when complete, make your purchase!  It is a great and fun way to share in some mother/daughter bonding.

    For more information, visit and begin designing with your daughter today!

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