Walkers Shortbread Wonders

Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Cookies


These cookies came just in time, let me tell you!  You see, here in the midwest {among other ice frozen areas}, us parents have begun to get a tad bit stir crazy with all the “snow” days that have taken place.  Let’s be real.  We all love our kids and while we love spending time with them, being snowed inside your house with nowhere to turn, well, it’s less than fun.  At this point in the winter, all of us are getting sick of being with each other.  I even think the dog is starting to get sick of us.

In comes a package of Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread cookies {or two} for me to *test and share my thoughts with you all.  Now, I’d like to say that I shared them all with my family and truth be told, I allowed each kid {3} to take ONE cookie, and my husband was allowed ONE cookie.  I saved the rest for me.  {Is that bad?}  Anyway, these were a few of the comments I heard from the kids:

“I like them, so why do I only get one?”

“These cookies a so smooth and buttery tasting.”

“Really Mom, if we like them, why aren’t you sharing them all with us?”

So, here’s my answers:  “You only get one because I’m the Mom and I’m hoarding them for myself.”, “Yes, they do taste very smooth and buttery, I’m glad you noticed.”, and lastly, “I’m not sharing them because I need a little alone time and when I finally get the opportunity to have that, I am going to indulge in them and if there are any left, then I’ll share.”


Yes, I have found that all the kids, my husband as well, thoroughly enjoyed each of their cookies.  I could tell that they wanted more, but the packages aren’t very big and I was really planning on having a peaceful night catching up on my recorded shows that I wasn’t up for sharing just yet.   With the Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Highlanders, they are hand rolled in sugar making the edges extra special!  All the kids loved the buttery sweetness!  There were only 6 cookies in the package so between me and the rest of the family there really was only one of those left over and I wasn’t about to divide it into 5ths!  Now the Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread they taste just like the Highlanders but you don’t have that extra special sugary sweetness and you get 9 instead of 6 in the package.  However, all in all, we did like the cookies and would probably purchase them upon special occasions {or in the event we have more snow days and I need a secret stash}.  For more buttery shortbread goodness, visit Walkers Shortbread {there are even shortbread animal shaped cookies}!

BTW- I did share the left-overs with the kids only…they ended up eating a total of 2 cookies each! 🙂