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    Show Guest: Daphne Cohn, CEO of Raw Food Mamas

    Daphne Cohn is the founder and CEO of Raw Food Mamas, an organization dedicated to helping busy moms dramatically increase their energy and take back control of their health.

    Daphne has a bachelors from UC Davis and is a graduate of the National Institute of Whole Health. She is passionate about food, spirituality and pleasure. Daphne has taught classes on nutrition and on spirituality across the country. She lived for three years at a Zen center in Northern California, worked on two organic farms and is currently running her company while raising two beautiful children.

    Daphne is committed to helping every worn out, overworked and exhausted mama awaken the mama goddess within!

    We will add the complete podcast here once the show has ended and as always, you can download it directly from iTunes using this link:

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