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Guest Blogger Article Submissions on Verified Mom


We are now accepting article submissions to become a guest blogger here on Verified Mom.  Now you can write for Verified Mom!!  You see, a long time ago, I had a vision for Verified Mom that consisted of various contributing writers sharing their stories on parenthood and everything that goes with it.  Only somewhere along the line, my vision was clouded and I was side tracked.  I started writing reviews and focusing on becoming a brand ambassador that the vision I had slowly disappeared.  I recently took some much needed time of.  I took a step back to refocus myself and my goals.  What I discovered was amazing.  I had been going about this all wrong.  I decided it was time to get back to what made me happy and that was to start my service related business helping other bloggers, small businesses and individuals.  I’m still in the developing stage so I’ll share that story at a later date.  That left me thinking about what I should do with Verified Mom.  I didn’t want to give it up completely because I still did have a vision for it, I just steered off course a bit.  Now that I am back on track, I realize that Verified Mom is meant to be shared with other moms.  It is meant to share stories of successful parenting, not so successful parenting, happy marriages, bad marriages, how others manage their homes, what cool craft ideas others can share, what life lessons others have learned and can share with others.  All these things are what makes each of us our own Verified Mom.  It is our stories.  It is our successes.  It is our struggles.  It is something that each of us represents.  YOU are a Verified Mom and it’s about time we hear the stories YOU want to share.  That is why we are now accepting guest bloggers!


We are so excited to get this new adventure started!  You’ll notice that we will be keeping all our previous work on this blog, but as of this post, we will only be featuring our current brand ambassadorships and your stories.  There will be no reviews or sponsored blog posts and we will not be accepting any more brand ambassadorships. 


With that said, becoming a Verified Guest Blogger is super simple!  All you need to do is check out the Submit Your Article page and fill out the little contact form. We do have a couple requirements though.  You must have your own blog and you must submit an original piece.  Once we get it, we will review it and if it fits within one of our categories {you can check those our in our navigation bar} and we like it, we will publish it!  You get to include your name, your bio, your blog link, you will get the credit for your own work.  We are just simply using Verified Mom as an outlet.  We will share your story, we will provide you with a cute little button to display on your website to link back to your featured story and we will include you on our contributor page.  We will be counting on you though to help share and spread the word of your work.


So lets see what you’ve got!  Go now… and submit your Verified Mom article!