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    Verified Mom: Trista Sutter – The Original Bachelorette!

    Trista Sutter - The Bachelorette & Verified Mom
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    You may remember Trista from the hit reality show, The Bachelor & The Bachelorette.  She found her true love, Ryan Sutter and their wedding was televised for all of us fans to watch.  She has been a favorite of mine and I was so thrilled that she allowed me to ask her some questions on being a mom, a wife and a business woman.  She is a real Verified Mom!


    VM:  What is a typical day like for you and the kids? 
    TS:  Typical day starts with being woken up by my early riser, Max, getting him breakfast and ready for school then cuddling with Blakesley when she wakes up and getting her ready, making lunches, driving to drop them off, heading to the gym and then home to tackle emails or thank you’s or contracts or designs for my collection or travel plans or do laundry and clean and plan dinner, etc. Then, I pick them up from school, take them to after-school activities, get them home for homework, dinner, reading time, and bedtime. Then, Ryan and I get to relax and watch a movie or talk or maybe even have a date-night. Nothing too exciting. 🙂

    VM:  What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned since becoming a mom?
    TS:  That there is nothing like the love between a mother and her child.  I love and cherish my husband, but the love I have for my children includes the love I have for him because they were made from that love.  I am truly blessed.

    VM:  What has been the biggest challenge and the biggest reward since becoming a mom?
    TS:  Potty training was MOST definitely the biggest challenge.  The biggest reward is seeing the sweet, happy little people that they’ve grown into.


    Trista Sutter & Ryan Sutter Kiddos, Max and Blakesley
    *photo courtesy of Trista Sutter’s Instagram

    VM:  What is your best mom story?  Has your little ones done or said anything that either made you really go “huh” or just bust out laughing?
    TS:  I actually have an entire journal dedicated to just that! I had a friend paint “Sweet Sutter Siblings Sayings and Stuff” on the cover and record any and all sweet and funny memories. Some of my favorites: Last year, Max said “I know what that sound is…they’re cutting a tree!” me: “you’re right!” Max: “They must be making salad!”.   When Blakesley was 2, she was marching around the house saying “crap, crap, crap!” – She was getting her L’s and R’s mixed up. 🙂  When Max was 4, Ryan told him it was amazing that he didn’t have any more room for chicken, but ate all his pie. Max said “it’s because I REALLY like pie!”.   Talking to Blakesley when she as 2, we said that we’d be in trouble when she got to be 5 feet tall and she said “Ya, we’re in trouble.”


    VM:  Being a mom is a tough job, how have you managed to “balance” it all?
    TS:  For me, it’s been all about asking for help when I need it and managing my time wisely.  So many people think that it’s weak to ask for help, but in actuality, it’s a strength.  You are caring for your children by ensuring that they are cared for and that your stress levels don’t get in the way of you being the mother that they deserve.

    VM:  Do you have any fun traditions you have started with or for the kids?
    TS:  For every birthday, they wake up to a doughnut with a candle in it.  It’s what Ryan did growing up and we thought it would be special for them.


    Trista & Ryan Sutter
    *photo courtesy of

    VM:  I know you recently renewed your wedding vows. What has been your key to a successful relationship?
    TS:  Always working to better ourselves, honoring our vows, and staying grateful.

    VM:  What’s the next “personal” goal for you?
    TS:  Fully enjoying the summer!!!

    Happily Ever After
    Trista currently has a newly released book titled, “Happily Ever After: The Life-Changing Power of a Grateful Heart” that can be found at as well as her own Grateful Heart Gift Collection with

    Thank you Trista for taking the time to answer all my questions and for allowing us to get a sneak peek into your life.  We look forward to seeing where your journey takes you and your family.  








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