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    {A-Z} H is for Hot Flashes!

    H is for Hot Flashes!

    Hot Flashes

    NO… I am not getting hot because I ate Hot Peppers!  I am not really sure what’s going on, but I can honestly say I know what a hot flash is because they are becoming more and more frequent these days!  When did I get old enough for hot flashes, that’s what I’d like to know!  I could be sitting there, doing nothing, nothing at all and all of a sudden, I’m sweating!  And by sweating, I mean, fanning myself and changing from long sleeves to short sleeves, long pants to shorts, socks to no socks!  Then, to make matters worse, I ask my kids, “Is it hot in here or is it just me?”…. I am not happy with the answer.  “No, it’s just you Mom”.   It just confirms what I already know…change is coming!


    In the winter, normal people would sleep with a sheet and comforter, or just a comforter.  Me, I slept with a thermal type blanket, you know, the ones with the little holes in it and short sleeves!  I just couldn’t sleep all bundled up even if it was 21 below zero outside!!  It bothered me so bad.  I have been sleeping with my Chillow at my head and my feet!  I think I need a second one so I don’t have to keep moving it from my head to toes!  I know this isn’t the most fun topic to discuss but it’s a part of every woman’s life and there for, it needs to be talked about openly and honestly!  I’m guessing these hot flashes are just the beginning of a whole new stage of life for me and I am not sure what to expect moving forward!  If any of you women out there are reading this have any tips or advice for this life “changing” mama, I certainly would love to hear them!  I know I’m not alone in this so I hope you are willing to share what you’ve experienced by leaving a comment below.


    Until then… I’ll just go sweat myself away!


    1. I always thought I’d go through menopause early but I think the ship’s sailed on that. Meanwhile, my sister is 13 years younger than me and keeps having hot flushes.

    2. Oh boy. That doesn’t sound fun. I remember my grandma going through her hot flashes and I didn’t understand it. It just weirded me out by how sweaty she was. lol It’s something I get to look forward too…. my grandkids wondering what’s wrong me… ;p Hope things get better for you. I don’t know much about hot flashes or when they end.

    3. Wow that all sounds like it was really frustrating. Thank God we have medications to help with all that stuff! God’s plan is sure strange sometimes in the way He makes things happen.

      • It is definitely something to look forward to! I’m not sure what I’m more excited about…the hot flashes to end or getting the monthly visit, right now, they are both annoying!! LOL that’s the PMS talking! 😉

    4. Unfortunately, I have no tips or advice–that’s what I came to you for! I don’t like to sweat if I’m not losing weight at the same time. Why can’t menopause be like a prize you get when you reach it and it would be a secret weight-loss thing that boys don’t get because they don’t go through the “journey” of childbirth…Enjoyed the post!

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