{A-Z} I is for IDEC

I is for IDEC





If you don’t know what IDEC means, you must not have kids!  It’s been getting worse and worse as the school year goes on…the secret code of a kids language!  Half the time I have no idea what the heck they’re talking about!  Without Google, I’d be lost!  I find myself resorting to sneaking online and trying to decode what they have either said or typed so I know what they are saying and, if needed, how to respond!


I remember as a child hearing the word, “shorthand” and wondering what in the world that language was all about.  I remember being lost trying to decipher what was scribbled on the piece of paper!  I’m finding that I have that same questionable feeling when I read a text or a twitter post that my children make!  I’m just so glad that Google exists now because I feel like I have a secret weapon against the abbreviated words I see!


Here are a couple sites that may help you decipher what your children are saying!  I feel knowledge is power…it’s best to educate yourself so you can spot potential troubles before it gets out of hand!





Good luck & Happy De-Coding!

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  1. I used to use my neighbor’s computer. I checked email, would log into the kid’s site Neopets.com, and sometimes used YouTube to look up music. I always logged out because I was doing nothing wrong, my mom trusted me, and when I had contact with people I didn’t know in real life, I used fake names for safety. He still told my mom I was looking up and doing bad things online. I completely understand keeping an eye on your kids, but when he told me mom that, she asked me and I told her the truth and offered her my accounts to prove it. She believed me, thank goodness. My dad would still check my texts given the chance and I’m 20. I suppose its finding the right line that matters.

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