Back To School Mini-Guide 2015

#BTS 2015-2016 Mini-Guide

Back To School 2015-2016


With having three kids, shopping for school can get very expensive and that’s an understatement! With this years back to school mini-guide I’ll be sharing some of the products that my kids will be using this school year and where you can find them.   I try to shop using sales and coupons when ever possible but when it comes to school supplies I tend to just jump in head first and buy all I need as soon as it comes out.  The main reason for my over-achieving back to school shopping is because if you don’t get the items right when you see them, chances are you’ll never find it again as it gets closer to the school year.


Let’s start with my favorite thing ever, school supplies!!!  I love school supplies.  I love pens, markers, tape, post it notes, index cards, oh and I die for highlighters!  Here are the products that I purchased for my kiddos to take to school. If you click on the images you will be clicking on affiliate links for Please note that they are affiliate links {which simply means that I’ll receive a very small percentage if you decide to purchase that item}.


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Paper Mate Mechanical Pencil Starter Set TI-30X Scientific Calculator POST-IT Notes 4 pack Expo Dry Erase Markers 4 pack Elmers Glue Sticks Westcott Scissors Scotch Magic Tape 3 pack 12 Inch Flexible Ruler Crayola 12 Washable Markers


As if that wasn’t enough, I also had to purchase more supplies! Remember, I have three kids so I had to buy multiples of everything! AHHHHHH!!!!
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Composition Notebook Clear View Highlighter White Premium Erasers Sketch Pad 16GB USB Flash Drive In Ear Headphone Ruled Index Cards Singer Sewing Kit Paper Mate Ballpoint Pens


Next on the list is backpacks and locker decor. My kids like to keep their lockers very basic. The girls have locker lights, a mirror {not shown} and locker shelves. My son, he’s a boy and really doesn’t care about the neatness of his locker.

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Mead FiveStar

Mead FiveStar Backpack

Mead FiveStar Locker Lights

Mead FiveStar locker shelf

My kids love the Mead FiveStar Trapper Keeper. It helps to keep all their class work papers organized and all in one place. I personally love the 2″ sewn binders because it makes it easy for me to carry my own work back and forth as needed. 

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Mead FiveStar Trapper Keeper and Cloth Binder

Mead FiveStar Trapper Keeper and Cloth Binder

Oh and the paper! My family loves paper and spiral notebooks. I don’t know why but I must have 15 different spiral notebooks on my desk. I love pretty notebooks. All of my kids require at least 5 spiral notebooks. They all prefer the Five Star notebooks because of their quality. They are constantly opening and closing their notebooks and the Five Star cover is very sturdy and really takes a lickin!
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Five Star Spiral Notebooks

The littles will love the Camelio 2 tablet and accessory pack! It makes learning fun!

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Marvel Avengers Accessory Pack

Camelio 2 Tablet

There are so many other items that I want to share with you like my kids favorite shoes, clothing and accessories. I’ll be putting those posts together and will share them shortly but in the meantime, I hope that some of the items I have listed above will be helpful to you and your family as we all kick of the back to school season!

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