Tween Care: Prepares Young Girls

Tween Care is a brand focusing on preparing young girls for all phases of their youth. With this, our skin care collection: Facial Daily Cleanser, Moisturizer, Toner, Acne Wash and Scrub. Along with a bath and body collection: Conditioning Shampoo, Body Gel and Body Lotion. Along with flavours and fragrances such as Wild N Sassy, Razzy Dazzy Diva, Big Dreams Coconut Cream, Simply Beautiful, Drama Free & Clear, Citrus Quencher, Lemon Slushy and Start Fresh scents that say it’s fine to express the real YOU. Tween Care products do not contain Parabens, Frangrances, Artifical Colors and Never Animal Tested.

Tween Care’s First Period Kits was designed as a conversation starter between a daughter and parent, to discuss those changes that are happening to her body and to just prepare her for whats to come. This, First Period Kit features the T.C. First Period Guide, a 16 page booklet with information about periods and puberty; Tween Care’s Limonade Sorbet scented Body Spray, great for a pick me up through the day; A stylish multi-colored multipurpose cosmetic bag; A pair of Disposable Panties, just in case you start your period while on the go; Feminine protection samples and hand wipes.

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