Bebé PODPants – The Next BIG Thing in #Infant #Apparel Since the One-Piece Body Suit!

A New Baby Must-Have!

Now I may be a bit biased with this particular product because I have worked with this company for a while now. The reason I love this product so much is actually two-fold. I love the person behind the product because she is a true entrepreneur, a true fighter and is one that never gives up. I love her spirit. You can read more about Tiffany here.

I love this product itself because it is something I wish I had when my kids were younger. The many times I have left the house with my babies in nothing but an undershirt. The many times I have tried wrapping a blanket around their legs to keep them warm in the grocery aisles. The many times I was dragging a blanket on the floor because it wouldn’t stay where I wanted it to stay. I love this product for the many times I have tried to tuck things around my little ones legs just to keep bugs off them at night. Oh and don’t even get me started on the diaper blow outs. I distinctively remember being in the mall one day and my {now 16 years old and I am sure she will appreciate me sharing this story} had the worst case of diaper blow outs! I mean, {moms, picture this if you will} poop….all up her back to just about the middle of her back because she was sitting then leaned back and before I actually knew that she did that, I was getting her in the car and felt that lovely feeling of “OH MY GOD WHAT DID I JUST TOUCH”!!! Then I look and it’s all over her and her stroller! I frantically searched in my diaper bag to find something, anything to put on her and guess what…. I FORGOT to restock the diaper bag before I left the house and I had NOTHING…absolutely NOTHING!!! I couldn’t let her sit in that all the way home…she’d be raw! I buckled her back up and ran back into the store. I had to spend $25 on a new outfit because I was in a hurry and didn’t really care what I bought! If I had a Bebé PODPants in my diaper bag, my problem would have been solved. I could have ran my other errands without hesitation because she would have been comfortable and covered. When I first saw the product I instinctively said to myself, “Where was this product when my kiddo’s were little?” and knew I had to be a part of Bebé PODPants’ wonderful journey.

Don’t just take my opinion, check out the other reviews that they have received and you’ll see. It is a product that every new mom, new dad, caretaker, grandparent, anyone should have as a baby essential! It isn’t meant to replace baby’s clothing but to help aid in the hustle and bustle of being a busy parent on the go. It is the next big thing since the one-piece body-suit for babies!

Bebé PODPants comes in a variety of colors and styles and are priced just right for any new parents budget. You’ll most likely want to pick up a couple of them, one to keep in your diaper bag and one to keep at home for those quick on the go moments.

Bebé PODPants is now on Kickstarter and would love your support! Tiffany has a goal and vision and needs the help of her fellow busy mama’s to get her funded to make it all happen. Every little bit helps this made in the USA product! She has a long way to go, but we are confident that when you see it and actually try it for yourself, you’ll be so happy that you did and that you were a part of making one of the next big things in baby apparel even bigger!


What are you waiting for?  GO GET ONE!!! 🙂