Saturday, April 13, 2024


    This weekend millions of Americans will travel, and thousands of parents will hate lugging around the extras!  I’ve been one of those frustrated parents in the airport holding a child, car seat, and luggage while my husband is doing the same but he has a bit more luggage than me– it’s horrible!  Grainne Kelly, a mother who was fed up with the lack of reliable and portable booster seats created the most perfect booster for your travel troubles.  BubbleBum is the perfect answer to travel woes the booster is lightweight and wait for it……… INFLATABLE!  The BubbleBum comes in a convenient drawstring sack perfect for carrying along, once you need it unroll it and inflate.

     Is an inflatable booster seat safe?  I know that is what you are asking, and I thought the same myself.   Nevertheless I decided to do some research; and BubbleBum is just as safe or even safer than other traditional booster seats.  Many booster seats have the big name behind them that we’ve trusted for years even so, many of them do not ensure that children’s vital organs are protected.  Your child’s booster should keep the seatbelt safely across the lap of your child.  If your child’s lap belt rests across his or her tummy this can lead to danger in the event of an accident.  I was surprised to learn that many booster seats do not take the extra measure to ensure that the seat belt rests safely on children.  BubbleBum has received the Parent Tested Parent Approved Media Awards and the JPMA AwardsBubbleBum was also recently announced as the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety “Best Bet” in their booster seat evaluation report, where they’ve branded BubbleBum as one of the best for safety. 
 So, yeah an inflatable booster seat is safe.

    The BubbleBum’s price is just as nice-> $39.99.  At $39.99 you can have an extra for Grandma and Grandpa or the second car.

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