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    Reach Toothbrushes – Mom tested!

    One wouldn’t think too much about a toothbrush right? I mean, they have so many different styles, widths, bristles, brands, that when you’re standing in the aisle staring the rows of toothbrushes down, you usually grab one that has a pretty color, or if you’re a guy, one that isn’t too girly, unless you are in touch with your feminine side, am I right? Well, admittedly, that’s how I am.


    Then the folks at Reach sent over their Reach Complete Care kit for me to review. The new Reach toothbrushes have a patent pending triple angle technology that provides three different angles of bristle cleaning ­left, straight and right. The technology maximizes vertical surface contact for superior plaque removal and an unprecedented total mouth cleaning worthy of the name “complete.” How could I turn down the chance to test a new toothbrush and have clean teeth in the process!


    Reach Complete Toothbrush


    I know, I know, you’re thinking, “Oh, those look like pretty toothbrushes”, right?  And, they are!  I’m all for bright colored toothbrushes!  I love the design of the handle, it fits perfectly in your hands, like a glove!  The Reach Complete Care Triple Angle Pro is light weight and has bristles that are different lengths to get to every area of the tooth.  The Reach Complete Care Triple Angle Floss is equally light weight and this one has bristles that are floss like, getting between teeth better.  I had to make sure I paid extra special attention to the “purpose” of the toothbrush rather than just giving my teeth a mindless brushing.  I have to say, I do prefer the Floss style better, just because for me, personally, I felt it got into areas that I wouldn’t have normally got into with using a regular toothbrush.  Will I purchase it for myself, husband and teens? Yes I would.  Now, when I’m wandering down the toothbrush aisle, I’ll pay more attention to the brand and purpose!  For more information on Reach Toothbrushes, visit


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