Firefly Toothbrush – It’s the bomb!

Do you have a hard time getting your little ones to brush their teeth? If so, have you tried Firefly toothbrushes yet? Have you ever heard of them? They are made with little ones in mind and they make it so easy for them to learn the proper length it takes to brush all their teeth. It’s no more rush in and rush out when it comes to brushing. Firefly toothbrushes take the guess work out and bring the fun in!  Just take a look:


Firefly shared their new Spiderman toothbrushes with us to test and review.  When you are ready to brush your teeth, just press the button and the green light shines.  It will be green letting you know that you should start ….now!  It will stay green for one minute and then turn to yellow.  The yellow light lets you know that you are almost done!  It will remain yellow for another minute and then turn red.  When the red light goes out, you know it’s time to stop.  This method gives your child the recommended two minutes of good brushing and all the while, your little ones are watching the lights and not the clock.  It has a nice suction cup on the bottom so all you have to do it just stick it to your counter or cabinet and you’re done.   Teach your child in a fun way the importance of brushing!  Get a Firefly Toothbrush!  For complete details and to see the variety of characters, visit

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