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    What’s Your Guilty Pleasure? #StreamTeam

    I’m addicted. I am admitting it here and now. I am addicted to Netflix. I am especially addicted to Netflix at night when the house it all nice and quiet after a day of three tween/teen kids running around being all loud and obnoxious. To be honest, my oldest is the one that turned me on to all things Netflix. She started watching it for movies, then old shows, documentaries, and more things than I can actually mention. She told me to check it out one day and I haven’t looked back since.

    Scandal #StreamTeam

    My Netflix addiction started with Scandal I watched the first two seasons in record time. I couldn’t get enough. I then had to hunt down all the episodes of season 3 so I could be watching it week to week…. I didn’t want to have to wait. I was on a mission to catch up. I did it! I’m all caught up!

    OITNB #StreamTeam
    After that, I started watching Orange is the New Black and OMG, that is my FAVORITE show on Netflix! I had officially become a Netflix junkie in a matter of 14 days. It is definiately NOT the show to watch when there are little ears and eyes around! I watched the first season so fast, I was actually LONGING for season 2 to start! When it did, {on June 6th}, I couldn’t wait to watch all 13 episodes! I however, am pacing myself because they do release them all at once, so once you’re done, you’re done. Then you are left hanging for who knows how long until season 3 is released! It is June 17th and I am on episode 10. I am not sure I paced myself enough, lol. The first season finale left my chin on the floor, I can only imagine what the season 2 finale is going to do to me!


    There are so many “mom” shows for you to watch after the kids have all gone to bed. Curl up on the couch, get some popcorn, your beverage of choice, and just get to watching! Let your mind escape for just a moment. I started watching Breaking Bad, Weeds, and I actually stopped watching Pretty Little Liars on TV so I can watch it without interruptions on Netflix! So if you are bored, or just want to have some time to unwind and get engulfed in a new favorite show, check out some of the titles listed above and below. You’ll be glad you did! Everyone needs some alone time and I can’t think of a better way to spend mine!


    How about you? Do you have a guilty pleasure tv show? Have you checked out any of the titles shared? What’s you’re current guilty pleasure show?




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