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    I’m sure you all have had your fair share of visits to the Build-A-Bear store, am I right?  And, each time you go, your little one falls in love with his or her newest family member, am I right?  And, each time you see that smiling little face with his or her newest family member, you can’t help but smile too, am I right?  There is something magical about a Build-A-Bear and kids of all ages love the idea of creating their own special friend {even I love it and I’m probably the one who gets a bit more carried away making sure we have the “perfect” outfit from head to toe}.

    We received two Build-A-Bear’s to share with you and I have to say, I was really excited about this one!  When the box came, I think I tore the tape off of it faster than you could say Build-A-Bear!  Of course, my kids looked at me as if I was some alien from outer space, but I didn’t care…it was a BUILD-A-BEAR!!!!  Once the box was opened….my new friends were snatched right from my arms and I haven’t seen them since!!!

    build a bear & how to train your dragon 2

    See, we received Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon 2 and his friend, Happy Hugs, Classic Teddy Bear{$16} – {oh how I love him} and they went right from my hands to my daughters.  She absolutely fell in love and even though she is a pretty tough girl, {likes to fight and wrestle and is a true tomboy, she absolutely, 120% fell in love and don’t let her outside exterior fool you…} she’s the sweetest thing ever and has a heart of gold!  These lil guys are so soft and cuddly!  I just popped onto the Build-A-Bear website and I really want to go to the store now because I see they have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, My Little Pony, Wild Animals, Disney Palace Pets and the cutest Build-A-Bear Buddies and Mini’s!  I mean, how freakin cute are those mini’s???  I want one to keep in my office {and that’s no joke}.  You can get clothing{$5 and up} and accessories {starting at $1.50}  galore!  Dress them up from head to toe with tiara’s and sandals, or plan for a nice quiet pajama day and let them stay in their pj’s!  Oh and don’t forget your aviator sunglasses for those sunny outings! It’s so much fun planning their outfits, I am getting all sorts of giddy right now!

    After you get your new family member, you can name him or her, register them to get their birth certificate, and take them home!  You also can go to the Build-A-Bear website and play games and visit Bearville!  You can even schedule up a party for your child’s birthday!

    So, as I am going about my days and getting ready to post this, I glance over and this is something I frequently see out of the corner of my eye…

    Build A Bear Happy Hugs Classic Teddy Bear

    Build-A-Bear is a fun, family-friendly place to go and gather new friends for your little ones {and big ones}.  In my family we give the kids “sick-presents” and I can’t think of a better way to cheer up your little one than with a soft and cuddly new friend to take the pain away.  I have a feeling, Happy Hugs will be with us for a very, very, long time!  Thanks Build-A-Bear for allowing me to escape my adulthood and enjoy the finer things in life….seeing smiles on my daughters face and seeing her eyes light up when she hangs with her friend, Teddy.

    For more information about Build-A-Bear, visit

    When you look at the Build-A-Bear website, which plush friend makes you happiest?  {I’m kinda diggin the mouse!}





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