Chicago Comic Con Wizard World 2012

The day I told my family “we are going to Comic Con“– I may have been elevated to super cool status 🙂 I mean they were still on the Avengers kick, which means my husband had schooled them on all things Marvel.  This of course prompted him to bring out some of his treasured comic books 🙂

Fast-forward and we enter Comic Con and I’m all excited to get my credentials and solidify myself as Coolest-Mama-in-the-World.

Take a look…


My youngest daughter is not the biggest fan of scary things so she did have to cover her eyes quite a bit– but this guy she was not afraid of at all.


We lightened things up with a bubble show! All the kids in the audience were amazed their little oohs and ahhs were cute to hear.  Ben the Bubble Guy picked kids and a couple of adults to be his assistant or be part of the bubble ‘art’ and ‘science’ as he called it– guess who got picked.


Comic Con was a good time we had fun my husband and I reminiscing over  all the action figures for sale at Wizard World, telling the kids “when we were young____”.  We saw many talented artist creating eccentric masterpieces live in artist row.  The kids  got to see the original Hulk Lou Ferrigno that was a highlight!  The costumes that some of the attendees had were AMAZING.  However the littles took the spotlight for the Kids Day Costume Contest.