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    Choosing Your Vagina Over Finances = Priorities

    Sometimes your vagina trumps your finances and as a newly child turned adult, my oldest daughter is learning the most valuable lesson about priorities.

    I have what I feel is a very open and sometimes brutally honest relationship with my children. That is something that I take extreme pride in as a parent.  My oldest daughter just turned 18 a couple months ago officially marking her as an “adult”. Whether she is ready for what the outside world has in store for her or not, she is by the standards of the law, a legal adult. I thought our last adulting conversation was one for the record books, but honestly, this one takes the cake! If you are lucky, you too will receive texts like the ones I receive and you’ll take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. 


    Choosing Your Vagina Over Finances

    Being an adult you are faced with some important life-altering decisions to make.  One might make the right choice and everything goes smoothly.  Other times one might make the wrong choice sending them into a downward spiral.   One way or another, a decision must be made.

    Sometimes, just sometimes a woman must choose her vagina over finances.

    Case in point…

    …my vagina is more important thaN my financial status…

    Funny vagina monalog text

    It’s a proud moment for any mom to know that their child can understand what priorities are in life.  I think what disturbs me most about this conversation is that she said she was “grocery shopping”.  Going to the store for two items is not technically the definition of “grocery shopping”.  However,  I give her credit for not leaving Target with a cart full of dollar spot items.   Then again, in my daughter’s new world of adulting, all that is needed is pomegranates and tampons.

    Parents, make sure your daughters are informed that no matter what their financial status is, there will always be enough money for pomegranates and tampons.




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