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    Vowed #WordADayChallenge


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    Vow, I have vowed a lot of things that’s for dang sure.  I vowed that I would complete this #wordadaychallenge and it has been kicking my butt!  I missed a bunch of days (like 9 to be exact), but who’s counting?  I do vow though that I’ll get to posting about those 9 words because some of them were pretty cool.  A traditional vow is through marriage, but it goes beyond marriage at this point!

    I vow to myself

    I have vowed to get serious and exercise.  I started off strong and then tapered off because I hate exercising and then I ended up getting a mean ’bout of plantar fasciitis and I swear I have a heel spur because I can’t put any weight on my foot without it KILLING me!  I even have “fancy” shoes that have been helpful because I spend a lot of time standing on a concrete floor.  So, instead, I have vowed to start doing Pilates because it does not require a lot of foot stuff.  I actually really like doing the cobra half push up or what ever it’s called.  I can also vow to jump on the recumbent bike too.

    I also have vowed to eat better.  That, however, I didn’t fail on.  I have made a conscious effort to make some eating changes not only for me but for the kids too.  That means, I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t purchase 5 bags of chips for two weeks (I grocery shop every two weeks), I’d only buy 2 bags and once they’re gone, they’re gone.  I vowed to buy more fruits and veggies and I have.  I have even eaten them too!  So now when the kids are hunting for something to eat, I tell them to eat some fruit.

    I have vowed to become more organized.  I have started writing lists and actually checking this off the list!  I have put together binders for different things and have actually kept my office clean for almost two months!  It feels so good to come into my (one and only) space and actually be able to get work done!  I have set goals for both my blog and for my virtual assistant business and I have been reaching them faster than I thought I would and that feels GREAT!

    I did vow to do something that I am really struggling with and that is making myself a priority.  I suck so bad at this.  I try every day but usually fall short.  I often worry or think of other people.  I often wonder if I am doing all I can do “please” them, to make them happy, to make sure they have what they need.  Then at the end of the day, I ask myself, what did I do to make myself a priority today?  The answer is usually “nothing”.  That’s sad.  As a mom & wife, blogger, employee, and entrepreneur I usually make the excuse that there just wasn’t enough time.  I have got to get into the habit of making myself a priority.  I have to get into the habit of making time for myself.  Even if it’s just 15 minutes, I deserve to treat me with just as much love and care than I give to the other people in my life.

    So, today, I vow…to make time for myself.  I vow to make ME a priority.  I vow to stop putting so much of my focus on others and finally make time for me to better my work life, my home life, and more importantly, my health. 

    Other than you spouse, what have you vowed to do, or not to do?  How have you been sticking with it?


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    Tomorrow’s word is Worth.



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