Positive-Mind #WordADayChallenge

Positive Mind

Oh boy, I have needed a positive mind lately!  I feel as if I have been on a treadmill going nowhere and I just want to jump off.   It seems as if I have been going through the same things over and over again and no matter how hard I try, nothing changes.  This is where the positive mind comes into play because without it, I swear, things would be so completely different.  Sometimes all that I can do is smile because if I don’t, I’ll crack.


For instance, today while making dinner my husband informed me that he would be sitting home tomorrow.  He is in construction so by sitting it usually means either the mud isn’t drying or the job has been completed.  Either way, it’s never a good sign and it usually means money gets tighter and tighter.  So after he informs me that he isn’t working, again, I continue prepping dinner.  As I’m getting ready to cut up lettuce, tomatoes, and onions he asks if I need any help.  I casually say, “thanks but I was just going to wash the lettuce with my tears.”  He said something in response and I laughed because sometimes that is all I can do.  It’s my way of holding it all together. 

I’m like the rock.  I cannot crack because if I do, all Hell will break loose and I can’t afford to have that happen in addition to what is already happening all around me.  In times of stress, if I don’t laugh, I’ll cry.  It is times like these that I turn to the development of my positive mind.  I feel that if I wake up with negativity it just sets the mood for the day and it’s never good when I do that.  So instead, I try to think of the positive in any situation.  It’s very hard to do sometimes, but all I can do is try.

I was once told that I always seem so happy and positive and for the most part, that is true.  I do have a lot to be happy about and I try to find the positive as much as I can, but I am human and sometimes being both just isn’t going to happen.  When I start to feel depressed or a bit negative, I try to do things that change my energy. 

  1. Listen to music.  When I put on some happy, upbeat music, it automatically changes my mood from grumpy to happy.
  2. Take a time out.  Sometimes you just need to shut down.  Turn off the tv, turn off the music, turn off the phone and just sit down for 10-15 minutes with your feet planted on the floor and your eyes closed.  Just feel your feet on the floor and concentrate on your breathing.
  3. Put on pj pants!  You can opt for yoga pants, but my go-to clothing item is pj pants, my Seahawks pj pants to be exact…along with my Netflix Care Bears t-shirt. Don’t judge!

By doing those three things it usually puts me in a much better place and I go from having a negative mind to a positive mind in a matter of minutes!  That’s it, that’s my secret to living with a positive mind!  What do you do to live with a positive mind?


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Tomorrow’s word is Quiet.