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    Open-Minded #WordADayChallenge


    Open-Minded #WordADayChallenge

    Come on people, you are just not being open-minded here with our dear brother, Kanye.  Oh you know I had to go there!  It’s everywhere on the interweb about how Mr. West is $53 Million dollars in personal debt and was tweeting Mr. Mark Zuckerberg to invest $1 Billion dollars into his ideas, because he is the greatest living artist and greatest artist of all time (even if he uses auto-tune most of the time).  He is also asking for your prayers. 

    Excuse me a moment while I choke on the filtered ice-less water from my broken ice making fridge.  I’m sure this is just a way to draw attention to himself as his album just recently dropped and I’ve watched many episodes of The Good Wife (in fact last nights episode was about such a topic) and had taken part in some marketing classes in college (even received a degree in Marketing & Retail) to know that any publicity can be spun into good publicity with the right team because it gets people talking. 

    Now if you are being open-minded about this situation, you are receptive to new ideas.  Come on….Kanye has a lot of new and great ideas.  He even had the idea to approach Mark Zuckerberg….on TWITTER…no less.  If that was a brilliant idea, I don’t know what is!   I like to think that I am an open-minded person for the most part.  I am open-minded when it comes to learning new skills, new-to-me cultures & religions.  I am a very receptive and willing to change as it relates to areas of discussion.   However, when it comes to something like this, where a celebrity cries poor and asks for a handout, no matter how or why it was done, to me, this is someone’s ego at work.  Taken from, Iyana Vanzant states that “when you perceive life is a process of you against them, believe they are out to get you, when your needs are more important than theirs, or when their needs are more important than yours, you are under the spell of the ego”, and for that, I cannot be open-minded. 

    I can thank you Kanye for making me realize that I am not as open-minded as I thought I once was.  Perhaps next time I am late with my mortgage payment I can send you a tweet?


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    Tomorrows word is Positive Mind.



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