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    Justice #WordADayChallenge


    Justice #WordADayChallenge
    I’m going to speculate here just for a second and say that if I were to ask my oldest what she thinks of when she hears the word justice, I think she would say equality for all races, religions, and genders.  She feels very strongly about human rights and those rights that are violated due to ignorance and/or hatred.  After many discussions about the subject, her views on justice in this sense makes me extremely proud.  She believes that all people should be able to do anything and everything they wish to do whether it is to have a job they long for, relationships with whomever, and to get the education that all young adults deserve at an affordable cost, to name a few.   I have to agree.

    When you have your babies you never know what you are going to get as they get older and each new child you have is different from the last.  I have three kids and each of them are so completely different from each other it’s amazing.  My oldest is very strong in her viewpoints both political and non-political.  Which that in itself is odd to me because my husband and I are far from the political parents.  Politics isn’t something that we usually discuss but with her turning 18 and being able to vote in her first presidential election, we’ve been doing a lot of talking.  I have learned what she wants for her future and the future of her country and it’s “….justice for all”, just as it is said in the Pledge of Allegiance that she recites every day at school.  Shouldn’t we practice what we preach?  

    Justice means treating people, all people, fairly.  Justice means treating people, all people, equally.  Justice means allowing, people, all people, the freedom to love who they want to love, to marry who they want to marry, without the interference from the government.  Justice means allowing people, all people, the freedom to practice what ever religion they choose to practice.  This is what “justice for all” means…for all.  Not just you, not just me…for all. 



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    Tomorrows word is Knowledge.



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