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    Disney Karaoke Series – Frozen {review}

    Favorite Holiday Finds #1

    Disney Karaoke – Frozen Style


    Disney Karaoke, what could be more fun?  We had the opportunity to check out the Frozen Deluxe Screen Karaoke machine that features Elsa and Anna right on the front of this kid-friendly machine.  Just to prove that singing karaoke is fun at any age, especially for my teens, I wanted to share a short little video I took of them.  It’s just to give you a quick idea of what it is like (not to mention, what my kids are like on a daily basis!  I’ll go into more details about everything after you check this out:


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    Aside from the older kids using it, the younger ones were having a blast with it too.  They were getting a little carried away with it and thought it would be fun to rap.  Lets just say….they couldn’t and it is best they stick to Disney karaoke songs.  Now on to the actual machine.  It is available at Walmart and *** Amazon and has a MSRP of $89.99 but I’m sure you can find some good deals now with the holiday shopping upon us.  What we liked is that you can hook up your iPad, iPhone or any tablet device to it, or you could use the built in cd player.  If you want to connect it to your tv, dvd, or other ext. device, you can.  It just would then require an RCA video cable (that is not included).  It isn’t a super powerful machine, but it is perfect for kids.  It connects up to 2 microphones (comes with one, others are sold separately) so you can belt out that beautiful love song with your significant other, or you can watch siblings act all goofy singing their favorite duets.  It also comes with a karaoke cd that plays two popular Frozen songs, “Let It Go”, and “Do You Want to Build a Snowman”.




    I was trying to get a screenshot of the actual screen but as you know, taking a photo of a screen isn’t the easiest thing to do.  It’s a little darker but you can see that the font on the screen is visible and easy to read.  




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