Disney Pixar’s Brave… worth the money? {Movie Review}

YES! Grab your daughters… even your teen daughters and take them to see this movie!  I have to admit I thought this movie was going to be somewhat like Mulan, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Brave turned out to be a movie about family and the bond between parents and children, especially the mother/daughter bond.  I was glad there wasn’t some prince that came to rescue Princess Merida.  That’s right GIRL POWER!

Brave isn’t the funniest Pixar movie but it is one of the most powerful Pixar movies I have seen.  I can totally appreciate the message conveyed in the movie and I think other parents will too.  There are some funny moments in the movie don’t get me wrong.  Actually , here were parts that were reminiscent of Shrek.  Merida’s little brothers Hamish, Harris and Hubert, provide some mischief and comic relief.

The movie is astonishingly beautiful, as must Pixar movies are.  The hair on Merida’s horse looks so real, and oh my gosh I just wanted to reach out and touch Merida’s curly red locks.  I honestly don’t think you have to go 3D with this movie, although I’m sure the fighting scenes would look amazing.  The action in the movie keeps the kids quite entertained, but the story is enough.  Perhaps you’ll see a little of yourself in Queen Elinor or King Fergus (Merida’s parents)…

Please let me know what you think of Brave.


*If you were wondering yes there are some scenes that may be a bit scary for littles.  There is a little nudity when we see the bums of some gentlemen who loose their kilts to save their lives.  However, my children 3,6, and 10 all saw the movie and couldn’t be happier with it.  We’ve already planned to see it again 🙂