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    DIY wedding favors


     bag of milk chocolate chips

    bag of white chocolate chips

    bag of  pretzel rods
    pearl sprinkles
    wax paper
    baking pan
    metal bowl

    jute twine


    tag paper punch

    hole punch

    printer( the amount of bags of chocolate chips and pretzels will depend of how many you are making.

    I made 100 pretzels so I used 4 bags of milk chocolate chips, 1bag of white chocolate chips and 4 bags of pretzels.)
    Place a little bit of water in the pot. Probably 1/4 of the pot and boil it until it’s gently boiling then reduce to low. Place your metal bowl on top of the pot and pour your chocolate chips into it.

    With a spatula start mixing the chocolate chips as they melt. * You have to keep mixing and keep the heat on low or else your chocolate will burn and get dry (and will also taste horrible)

    While the chocolate chips are slowly melting, cover a baking pan that can fit in your freezer with wax paper.

    Then take one pretzel stick at a time and dip the end into the chocolate ( I used my spatula to help goop on the chocolate a little further down the stick) and then place on the wax paper.


    another easier way to dip the chocolate is to use Wilton’s tall dipping containers. This is what I used this time and it went by so much faster!

    Melt white chocolate the same way.

    After it is melted in a bowl, place in a small Ziploc bag and cut the tip just a little.

    Drizzle over pretzels.

    Also, take your pearlized sprinkles and shake a small amount over other pretzels.


    Once all of them have hardened in the freezer, place one of each kind of pretzel in wilton’s clear pretzel rod bags.

    Then, tie with jute and put your customized tag on it!

    Click HERE for the monogram tag tutorial!

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