Doesn’t have to be Valentines Day for you to show love!

Love Miscellany by Deborah A. Levine is the perfect gift book for any hopeless romantic! This book takes you on a breezy tour through the many ways people celebrate love. Delightfully illustrated and complete with crafts and recipes, Love Miscellany will appeal to everyone who has ever been in love!

For instance, did you know?

If you lined up the eight billion Conversation Hearts produced each year, they’d stretch 5,924 miles across the United States from coast to coast.

Or in Victorian times, if a woman wore the gloves she’d been sent by
her suitor, it meant she accepted his proposal. If she instead donned a pair
of mittens, the rejected gentleman should lose all hope.

There are many more great facts of love you can read about in this book. Retails: $14.95 and available on and at Barnes & Noble.

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