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    Every Walrus Can Fly

    Author Brian Phillips, and the award-winning digital design studio The Basement have created a cute e-story of determination– Every Walrus Can Fly.  Royce an adorable walrus pup wants to fly but he has no wings…. what does he do?


    In this story Royce will problem solve to reach his dream.  Children will love the fun nature of the book as well as the beautiful illustrations.  Parents will love the open door to communicate with their children about working towards a goal and saving up pennies.

    Every Walrus Can Fly is available at for your tablet, computer, or smartphone.

    Let us know what you think?  Are you currently trying to teach your children the importance of saving money or working towards a goal?

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    1. Hello there, I don’t know if you or anyone else knows, but was this story (which sounds wonderful) influenced at all by a certain walrus mascot character, also called “Royce”? It just seems VERY coincidental, and I AM him, so I’d be interested to know! (Don’t believe me? Just search for “Walrus Royce” on YouTube!)

      I’d love to know more about this story, if possible! Who would I contact?

      — Marc V.

    2. Hello Marc,
      I think you may try contacting the author or perhaps the design studio listed above. The story is absolutely adorable, and exemplifies to children the importance of saving and working towards a goal.

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