Wicked Audio Mojo In the Ear Headphones

In a house full of technology, the one thing that is always lacking is headphones.   My family goes through headphones like glasses of water.  Every time we go to the store, someone is buying headphones, and all different styles, brands, and colors.  When I was asked to give the Wicked Audio headphones a try, I knew they would land in the right place.  As soon as I got them, I placed them on my desk in my office and had them in my regular rotation of products to test.  Apparently, my son grabbed them off my desk and started to use them.  I didn’t even realize he took them!

Since he was the one wearing them for who knows how long, I had to get the details from him.  How did they fit?  How was the sound quality?  How was the volume?  How was the vocal cord & phone sound quality?  Here is what I learned:

T2T:  How did they fit?

Son:  They fit good.  They stay in my ears and don’t hurt after I’ve worn them for a while.  You know how sometimes headphones start to bother you after you’ve worn them?  Well, these haven’t bothered me at all.  I like that.

T2T:  How was the sound quality?  {He listens to EDM so bass is everything!}

Son:  It’s ahhhh-may-zing!  For tiny headphones, they sound really good.   I’m always listening to music or watching video’s on my phone so they are working for me.  I like it.

T2T:  How is the volume?  {I usually hear his music when he’s wearing his over the ear headphones….so of course, I want to know this answer!}

Son:  It can get really loud.  I like loud.  But, I can’t listen to it as loud as it gets because it does bother my ears a bit then, so I kinda keep it at more of a medium volume.

T2T:  How is the vocal cord & phone quality when I call you to find out where you are?

Son:  It’s cool.  I don’t have to take my headphones off or apart to answer the phone.  I can keep doing what I’m doing and it’s not bad.


There you have it.  Straight from the new teen’s mouth.  Wicked Audio {Mojo} comes in 7 bold colors that include red, purple, teal {shown}, yellow and more.  They retail for $24.99.  For more information on the Mojo headphones or other in, on or over headphones, be sure to visit www.wickedheadphones.com.