Barbie & Her Pooping Dog, Taffy.



Yes, please meet Barbie and her potty training pup, Taffy.  At first I had to take a step back and “say wha” when I saw this.  Honestly, my first thought was who wants to play with play poop?  I just didn’t get it.  Granted, my family is oddly amused by poop, of all kinds so just saying the word poop, you’d see 5 heads turn and giggle.  I found it even more interesting when my oldest daughter ripped it open and started playing with it.  Yes, she is now 16 and proudly played with Barbie and Taffy…and Taffy’s poop.  


The Barbie Potty Training Taffy Playset is $16.97 and comes with the Barbie doll, leash, bag of little treats, dog bowl, Taffy the dog, pooper scooper, garbage can and yes, play poop.  Barbie {along with your help of course} will feed Taffy her treats by pushing lightly on Taffy’s head {it opens her mouth}, when her mouth closes it goes into side pouch that you can empty for repeated fun.  To get Taffy to poop, place the {fake} poop in her other side pouch and when she’s ready to poop, just press her tail down and out shoots the poop!  I admit, it is kinda fun and funny to see it in action… I have no idea why we are so fascinated with poop.  Then when Taffy has pooped it all out, it’s time to clean it up.  Grab the pooper scooper and pick it up and drop it in the garbage can.  


Now, if I can only get the kids to go an happily pick up our Golden Retriever pup, Dakota’s poop, that would be amazing…sadly, this toy experience hasn’t motivated them to take on the responsibility of having a real, breathing pet’s poop to pick up! LOL  It still is a fun toy to play with and I think Barbie, Taffy and Taffy’s poop will stick around our house a while!!