{Featured} Kids*Exclusive

If you are addicted to deal sites {like some people I know}, then I have the perfect mom-friendly deal site that is full of super cute, high fashion, boutique quality clothing, shoes and accessories!  If you have a baby…great, there are items for you!  If you have a toddler…perfect, there are items for you too!  And kids…yes, they have kid sizes too! Drum roll please…. KidsExclusive.com has the deals for you!

We needed an outfit for my daughters singing program at school and when I was made aware of kidsexclusive.com I found the perfect outfit for my 7 year old, that didn’t cost an arm and two legs, imagine that!  Great quality, fashionable clothing that I would have in a weeks time!  The only problem…she’s a tomboy!  No dresses or pink clothing on her…ever!  So when I picked out the outfit, I was completely unsure as to whether or not she was actually going to like it.  Much to my surprise, she was drawn to it and actually wore it, not once, but twice!  {Hey, that’s a major milestone for her!}

You know that most deal sites will take forever shipping you your “deal”, some I’ve heard can take up to 4 {gasp} weeks to receive.  It may be a deal, but if you need it quicker then you are pretty much out of luck.  Kids Exclusive ships their deals within 24 hours and you will have your items within 5-7 days!  It was the best online purchase I have ever made!  I was notified via email that the order was placed.  I was notified via email 6 hours later that my order had been shipped.  They provided me with a FedEx tracking number and a link to track my order through my Kids Exclusive account.  Quick, simple, accurate…three qualities I look for when ordering online!

As I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t sure if my daughter was going to be head over heels in love with the outfit I selected for her, but another good reason to use KidsExclusive.com is their every day low shipping fee of $5.95 for your order and if my daughter didn’t like the outfit, I could return it for store credit! All was not lost, so I gave it a shot and I felt like I won the lottery!

When I received my order, I was impressed by the way it was shipped.  Everything was neatly organized and packaged.  It felt like I was opening a present!  I love that feeling, don’t you?  It wasn’t just a box with a bunch of Styrofoam packaging materials flying all over either!  It was pretty!  I like pretty!

So now you are all wondering…what on earth did she buy?  Welp, I bought a little layered white top {$14.90} and a pair of white and black stitched capri pants {$9.90} [similar to the orange ones shown below-but in white] for my daughters singing program at school.

I also purchased a beautiful Chevron dress {$42.90} that would have easily been $100 at other boutique’s, as well as a black tie-dyed vest {adorable} for birthday gift {$9.90} and the cutest little silver glitter shoes {$17.90}.  For $95 I received the best pieces of kids clothing I have every bought!  You could say, I am way more than pleased with all the items I received and I will definitely be shopping at KidsExclusive.com more often!

Go over to KidsExclusive.com and check out all the amazing deals they have to offer!  I know you will be just as happy with the entire ordering process and even happier with your actual products!