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    {Our First} Business of The Month

    Tots to Teens loves to support Moms and Dads who had a vision and made their vision come to life. We hope with our new monthly feature others may be inspired to pursue their dreams. Being a Mommy or a Daddy doesn’t mean you have to hold off on your dreams.  The businesses we will feature will have inspiring parents who acted on their vision and still maintain it all 🙂  With that said our first Business of the Month goes to LilapopsLilapops is the vision of Leslie Burket who makes yummy all natural cough drop lollipops for kids.  Lilapops are made using natural honey and marshmallow root. No artificial flavors, dyes, or preservatives—which is awesome in our book!

    Lilapops. 15 pops.

    Leslie not only is the brain behind Lilapops but the amazing Mommy of two ADORABLE children.  Well enough of me rambling on lets learn more from Leslie herself….


    {Leslie and her gorgeous family}

    What was your light bulb moment? What pushed you to follow through?

    It all started on a family road trip with two sick kiddos. I dreamed of an all-natural way to soothe my babes’ throats and cheer them up.  As far as pushing through–The Lilapops Team: everyone from our photographer & graphics girl, to our printer & pediatrician, our friends & family, has made this adventure successful. They do everything from attend taste test parties to vote on package designs.


    Lilapops uses no dyes; can you explain why this is important to you?

    There’s plenty of research on food dyes & the host of yucky symptoms linked to their consumption. I believe it’s our responsibilities as mothers, parents, and caregivers, to ensure our kids get the best opportunity for a happy and healthy life. So I fill our little ones with naturally clean and wholesome foods that I know will best support their growing minds and bodies, and not harm them.

    How did you come up with the name Lilapops?

    We have two babes, Trent and Lila, and Trentpops just didn’t have the same ring as Lilapops did.

    {Trent Pops anyone?}

    Along with running Lilapops you run a home, how do you manage both?

    I can assure you, there are days that things do not get done.  But some very practical things that work: Eat. Clean. Exercise. And pray… a lot.  Oh, and I do a load of laundry each day, so it doesn’t pile up. {great tip}

    Do you have any advice for mothers who have not followed through on their light bulb moment? 

    I am certain mothers are the most amazing group of beings. I am continually impressed by the mothers I know.  For those who haven’t followed through yet, I say find a good team, and go for it!

    Do you have any tips for parents wanting to be a bit more natural when it comes to children’s diet?

    It can be as simple as having the kids help in the kitchen or at the grocery store or even growing a garden in the backyard.  Start little, have the kids help, and have fun!

    What is one thing you want everyone to know about Lilapops?

    One of our ad campaigns is… “Just say no.” Lilapops says no to food dyes. no to artificial flavors. no to yucky stuff.

    and yes to natural.

    just say no to food dyes. lilapops did.What is your hope for Lilapops’ future… any new products in the works?  Lilapops has big plans and sealed lips.

    Nice, well we will all be waiting to find out. Thank you so much Leslie for sharing a bit about you and your wonderful company!  Leslie is such a sweetheart– she is sharing with all of you 20% off using code: TOTSTOTEENS, but not only is Leslie sharing a promo she is giving away 3 packs of  her yummy natural cough drop Lilapops {by the way I used the grapeberry Lilapops when I was sick — they’re awesome!}

    Lilapops. three pack. 45 pops.

     Thank you Leslie!  For this giveaway we would like you to comment below for each entry.  The giveaway is open to U.S residents only.

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