More Lorax Love

I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but my kiddos are crazy over- the- moon excited to see The Lorax.  However, we’ve told our children in the past that movies and books are not always the same. {which was the case with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs}  So, we decided we all needed a refresher– we wanted to read The Lorax and amazingly we don’t have it.  We have many of Dr. Seuss’ books but not The Lorax!  We needed The Lorax, and with iPad and iTunes card in hand we were all able to read The Lorax together.

Isn’t technology crazy… we went from no book to owning the book electronically in a couple minutes.  I was against e-readers originally but now for this reason alone I love them.  Yes, I still love holding the books and feeling the pages, but we were able to get the book that day for only $3.99. We all loved the book!  The kids now can now compare the book to the movie.

On another note, when downloading the book my kiddos saw some other Lorax apps, and since they were FREE we couldn’t resist.

The Official Lorax App is cute!  It is available for both your iPhone and iPad– you and your kiddos can become the Lorax.

We also downloaded the app Truffula Shuffula, which is quite addicting for me.  I have to admit I loved Tetris growing up.  

Another FREE app I loaded Dr. Seuss Camera Happy Birthday Edition… I thought this would be fun to use on some of our Dr. Seuss Day tomorrow.