Giant Jenga = Giant FUN!

Giant Jenga
Favorite Holiday Find #3




That my friends is GIANT Jenga!  We love playing games as a family and have, on occasion, family game night, family movie night, and soon, family Guitar Hero Live night (which is another one of our Favorite Holiday Finds coming soon).  Let me tell you, when this game arrived I didn’t realize it was going to be as heavy as it was.  It weighs about 16 pounds!  I really didn’t know what I expected, but it is giant in size and weight!  This stacks to over 4 feet high while in play and is made out of solid wood!  These wood blocks are over 8 times the size of the Classic Jenga blocks.  See….



Giant Jenga comes with 54 wood blocks, and with that, a very sturdy box to store them all in.  It is suggested for ages 10 to adult and it can be played with one ore more people.  It retails for $119.95 and provides hours of entertainment and laughs!  I know that this will be played for years to come in our house.  Here are my two playing a game and you can tell by the photos how much fun they’re having.  (Sorry for the blurriness of them, it was difficult to capture they while they kept moving around from side to side to see which block they should pull.  My son stands about 5’5″ (yes, that’s him standing) and you can see just how tall it can get while in play!



If you are looking for a fun, family-friendly game that will last hours, check out Giant Jenga (this one is the genuine hardwood edition).  With Christmas vacation coming up soon, I can guarantee that we’ll be having a few family game nights that will include our new Giant Jenga game!


Do you and your family have a family game night?  What is your favorite game to play?



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    1. LOL word of caution…. if you are sitting on the floor and you play this game, it will topple over on you lol…totally NOT speaking from experience (HAHA – yeah that actually happened).

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