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    Homecoming Prep #2 – Makeup

    Getting Ready for Homecoming!

    If there is one thing that girls love, it’s makeup! Some like it more than others, but when it comes to Homecoming, everyone wants to look their best. We were introduced to a product called GlamPact that is a patent-pending cosmetic organizer that contains makeup essentials including Superfection CC pressed powder, blush, bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadow, lipstick, makeup tools, and a mirror lined with LED lights that can be switched on or off as needed.


    The GlamPact does not require batteries for it’s LED lights, it comes with a universal USB cord that is used for charging. What’s nice about this is the size. The GlamPact can easily fit into a clutch and contains all you need to create a variety of looks including a natural, yet romantic look.

    The eco-chic GlamPact is made from recycled plastic and contains refillable {which we LOVE}, customizable makeup trays that allow you to create your own signature look to match your own skin tone.  We really love the ease and convenience of this product.  We love that everything is in one place making it super easy to apply full makeup applications or quick touch ups throughout your Homecoming night.  We will be sharing the finished look on our beautiful Homecoming model soon and you will see first hand how gorgeous she looks complete with side by side images of before and after!

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