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    How to have fun baking with your child!

    How to have fun baking with your child?
    Baking with G will show you!


    How to have fun baking with your child, I’ll tell you…suit them up with their own baking/cooking supplies!  All three of my kids love to cook and bake with me and I love that!  All I have to do is ask any one of them at any moment if they want to help me cook or bake something and usually they will just join in without saying “I’m too busy”, or “I have homework” (though I wouldn’t mind that reason), or “I have to play a video game”.  I have always included the kids in the meal prep, cooking, and/or baking process.  It’s good for them to learn how to take care of themselves and I say, the younger you start, the better.How To Have Fun Baking With Your Child


    Gianna is my little chef so when we received the Curious Chef products to test out, she was super excited.  Now, Gianna is 11 so she has the basics down but still, she loved the thought of having her own cooking utensils & apron.  Curious Chef provides young chefs with the tools they need to have fun, stay safe and get all kinds of creative!  Curious Chef products are safe for kids 4+ and are sturdy, colorful, easy to read and real size.  They aren’t poorly made and they aren’t “baby” looking.  They are the real deal for your aspiring chef.  They have really cool new products too so I really recommend you check out their website.  If you’re looking for a Pie Kit, they have it.  Pizza set?  They have that too.  Vegetable set…yup.  Pastry wheel, bowl set, and the one that Gianna is using, the 11 piece Chef’s Set {$24.99} above.  They even have open stock items so you can buy what you need to complete your little chef’s set.  Check out the super cute apple slicer!  I mean, I want it all for myself really.


    Take a look at the photos below and you’ll see how to have fun baking with your child!  Let them do the work!  You are there to just make sure that they aren’t blowing up the kitchen, but it is ok for them to measure, mix, fold in fruit and put it in the oven.  They are curious!  Curious little chefs!


    I did forget to show off the shopping list, stickers and cookie cutter that also came with our kit.  I absolutely love these products.  They are made extremely well, dishwasher safe and kid friendly.  Curious Chef sets would make a great birthday gift, or gift your child just because he/she is a curious chef.  It’s a great way to get them involved in the cooking and baking process.  It’s a great way to let them explore and have fun in the kitchen in a safe way.  If I had a star or rating system, I’d give Curious Chef 5 stars and a 10 out of 10!  Way to go!  Gianna doesn’t know this but I have plans for her birthday which includes a couple more pieces to add to her kitchen collection!



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