Kid-Friendly Bluetooth Headphones by Puro Sound Labs

Kid-Friendly Bluetooth Headphones
by Puro Sound Labs

Kid-Friendly Bluetooth headphones are a definite must have for kids and I’ll tell you why.   Puro Sound Labs BT2200’s have been created with kids health and safety in mind so I was beyond psyched to partner with them to test out this product.  They are the first studio-grade Bluetooth headphones on the market.  The number one reason why I find these particular headphones amazing is they are made to limit the volume which protects your kids ears.  Volumes over 85 decibels can cause hearing loss over time.  Kids (I know mine have) have been known to listen to very loud music while wearing headphones.  You know it’s loud when you can hear their music when they are wearing headphones.  Puro Sound Labs now makes controlling the volume a piece of cake.  They simply do it for you.  These amazing Bluetooth headphones have a maximum 85 decibel volume limit on them so there is no chance of entering the decibel danger zone. 

kid friendly bluetooth headphones

Kids can be picky, especially tweenagers, and that’s why Gianna’s opinion means so much to me.  She knows what she likes and what she doesn’t and she will be the first person to tell you exactly what she thinks.  She has been using the kid-friendly Bluetooth headphones by Puro Sound Labs for the last month.  She has told me on numerous occasions that they are the best headphones she’s ever used.  I am pretty smart because I did not mention the sound/volume control to her because I wanted to see if she mentioned anything about them not being loud enough.  To this day, not a word on the volume.  She has told me that her new headphones are her favorite headphones.  They fit her perfectly.  The band is padded, comfortable and adjustable.  The best part for her is not having a wire hanging or getting caught on things.  She can listen to her music in her room, or sitting on her chair watching videos on YouTube and I don’t have to worry about the noise level damaging her ears.


The other thing I love about the Pure Sound Labs BT2200’s are the price.  These headphones are priced perfectly compared to other brands on the market.  They retail for $79.99 and come in  (*affiliate link) white/silver and  (*affiliate link) tan/gold (which is what Gianna is wearing in the photo above).  They come with a hard case and fold flat for traveling.  They can be used seamlessly with a cell phone (even has an integrated microphone) and has an 18 hour battery life for music playback and 200 hours of standby time.  Yes, they are everything you could possibly want in a Bluetooth headphone made just for kids.


The headphones are available through authorized online re-sellers including (*affiliate link)


Kid-Friendly Bluetooth Headphones by Puro Sound Labs

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  1. These look great, but my kids have learned to tune me out well enough as it is – I’m pretty sure giving them headphones would only make it worse! 😉

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