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    I love Christmas decorations and you should too!

    I love, like love-love, Christmas decorations and I am not afraid to admit that. Yes, I am that person who if I could, would leave my holiday lights on outside all year round.  The more twinkling lights the better!  Seeing them in just about every room brings me happiness and joy!  Christmas decorations bring me joy.  When I had my parents over for my birthday last week my mom made a comment “I didn’t know you had this many decorations”…it’s true, I have a lot of Christmas decorations that I have collected over the years and some of them weren’t even displayed!

    Christmas Decorations bring me joy!
    *I love holiday decor*

    So, what type of Christmas decorations do you love?  Are you a snowman lover like me?  A Christmas tree lover like me?  How about a Christmas light lover like me?  Tell me, what do you like most about Christmas decorations?

    Putting up my Christmas decorations takes two good days, not even joking.  My tree is filled with ornaments from my childhood and those of my children.  There is no “theme” to it, just a mish mosh of different ornaments that have reminded me what I was into as a child, and what my children have been into over the years.  Here is my tree all lit up, which of course, photos don’t do it justice but I love my tree.  It’s *I think* 9’5″ tall and I have just about 800-900 sparkling lights on it.  The top is my Precious Moment angel that I received as a gift my first “married” Christmas  and after 21 years, she is still standing tall!

    I love my Christmas decorations - lights and more lights!
    Christmas Tree 2016

    I <3 Christmas Decorations!

    Now, here are some of my favorite ornaments and other Christmas decorations that mean a lot to me…

    Holiday Ornament Collection
    My Ornament Collection

    YES, that is Miley on a “Wrecking Ball”!  I received that homemade beauty from an ornament exchange and it is by far the funniest one on the tree!  The headphones are my sons because he spent a great portion of last year with his headphones on!  The Spongebob is G’s because she loved him (and still does) for the longest time!  The teddy on a sleigh is a thin sandstone type and it’s super delicate and it’s one of my faves.  The mustard belongs to my oldest because she can pile that mustard on her sandwich…and it would really make you sick to see how much she puts on!  Pebbles & Dino are a favorite from my youth.  To this day if I see something with Pebbles on it, I must have it.  My little glass tree is super cute in person.  Then we have my wooden, hand-carved first wedding ornament, it’s so cute.  Then my handblown angel ornament.  I have had this the for the longest time and I would say it is by far my most favorite one on my tree.  I put it higher up on the tree so it doesn’t get knocked into.

    Find your holiday decor joy!

    So, perhaps you want to start finding special keepsake type decor for your kids or family/friends.  I have a few ideas to share with you.  I found this super fun avocado ornament from Dormify.com!  My oldest recently discovered her love for the avocado!  

    Avocado Ornament at Dormify.com
    $8 at Dormify.com


    or how about this underwater clownfish ornament (Hey, I found Nemo!) from GugUnderwater.com

    Double sided metal clownfish ornament from GugUnderwater.com
    $12 Double-Sided Clownfish Ornament

    Or what about these!  You can get one ($15) or the entire set of 4 ($50) from StephCalvertArt.com.  The set includes the reindeer, snowman, Santa and an Elf.

    Steph Calvert Art painted ornaments
    $15 for 1 – $50 for 4

    If you want to add more sparkle to your holiday home decor, you can get one of these Nativity Light Blocks by Creations by Janice Gif

    Holiday Nativity Light Block by Creations by Janice Gif

    I love unique ornaments and decorations.  I feel they add character to otherwise regular boring -everyone has the same house & decorates the same- mentality.

    What type of Christmas decorations do you love?  Which ones bring you joy? 


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    Thanks for reading!
    Thanks for reading!



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