ICleanHouse.com -Use of Vapor Steam

Today we had the opportunity to chat with Geri Hess, President of ICleanHouse.com! What a pleasure that was! When I knew I was going to be chatting with (who I am now calling, the Queen of Clean) I had to get out our 5 year old, barely used steamer to test it’s uses! I was surprised at the results! My stove was an eye sore, but not anymore! It took about 20 minutes to get it all cleaned, but it hasn’t looked this good since I bought the stove 7 years ago! Took a little scrubbing, but the grease just came off and the steamer did not leave any scratches or marks on my stove top!


Geri gave us some great tips for cleaning your home and for having your home cleaned by ICleanHouse.com, Inc. to which I will highlight for you here:

  • De-cluttering your home before a cleaning person comes over is best but isn’t necessary. It does however take extra time for them as they do not know where your items belong in the home. Geri advises the use of a “Clutter Box”. Simply place it in the doorway of the room, then put anything that doesn’t belong in that room inside the box. Next room, take out the items that go in that room, then repeat. Once all rooms are de-cluttered return to the first room and so on and put away items in the box that belong in that room, until the box is empty. Once it is de-cluttered, it is easy to maintain.
  • Does Vapor Steam harm our pets and children?
  • No, actually having your home cleaned using vapor steam will reduce cleaning poisons and allergy triggers!

  • How does Vapor Steam differs from traditional chemical cleaning? It is the ultimate Green-Cleaner! Chemical cleaning does not get surfaces as clean as 298 degree steam. Chemical cleaning is labor intensive and time consuming. Vapor Steam kills 99% of the germs on contact while chemicals leave many germs alive and well to breed on your kitchen counter and chemical based cleaners are expensive.
  • Aside from Vapor Steam, Geri does all different types of house cleaning from residential cleaning to small business cleaning, to even, yes, putting away your dishes! She is located in the Naperville area will travel up to a 20 mile radius. She is currently patenting her cleaning technique and is well on her way to franchising ICleanHouse.com! Take a look at her video to see Geri in action!

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