If they love puppies….

like my youngest son does, then I would highly recommend the “Spot” books. My son absolutely loves dogs and puppies. He has a stuffed basset hound named Kit Kat he carries with him everywhere.

The “spot” books, include “Where’s Spot?”, “Spot goes to the Beach” and more. They feature a cute little puppy on his crazy adventures. They are lift the flap style books for added adventure. I happened to have saved my original Spot books from when I was a child and passed them on to my puppy loving little boy. The quality and construction of the books has held up for the past 28 years.

The Spot books have evolved and more titles have been released. But, the premise remains the same. Its all about puppy exploring the great big world. It can relate to your toddler and even your preschooler. There is simple wording and vibrant coloring and illustrations that are easy for your child to follow along with. Eric Hill is the author of these wonderful books. They are available in hardback, boardbooks, and paperback.

These books are sure to put a smile on your puppy fanatics face!!! Check your local bookstore for copies of the Spot book. Check online at Amazon as well.

Have a wonderful day!