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    Movie Review: Rio

    I took my 3 and a half year old to see Rio the other day.  He has been asking to see the Angry Birds Movie for the last few weeks! Yes, we were one the millions that downloaded Angry Birds Rio app from apple.

    The movie was about a baby Blue Macaw named Blu, that was taken from his home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He was transported to a small town in Minnesota and lost on a snowy street. Only to be found by a little girl named, Linda. Linda and Blu became best friends and spent the last 15 years together growing up and living life in the small Minnesota town.

    A bird researcher walked into Linda’s bookstore in hopes that Blu, the last remaining Blue Macaw, will help save the species by mating with the last female Blue Macaw, Jewel. So, after convincing, Linda and Blu head down to Rio to help save their species.

    Lots of adventure, singing, dancing, and lots of birds fill the screen in this wonderful movie! My son was mesmerized and enjoyed the musical numbers and danced in the aisles. The movie was a short 1 hour and 36 minutes, including previews. But, was action packed and entertaining the whole way through.

    This movie is wonderful for all ages, including adults. Kept my attention as well as my 3 year olds for the entire time. A definite must see.

    The movie is now showing in theatres in regular and in 3D. I would imagine the 3D is even better then the regular print. We saw the regular print. We found it hard for our son to keep on the 3D glasses during Toy Story 3, so we just skipped them this time. But, just as great and we really enjoyed it.

    Have a wonderful Day!!!

    Toni T. 🙂

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