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International Women’s Day is highly recognized around the world, as it should be.  If you have a girl, you know that they are easily influenced by gender stereotypes and that role models from the entertainment that they choose can have a long lasting effect on them.  Girls as young as 6 are influenced by what they watch and what they hear.  This past election certainly sparked just how important female role models are seen and heard.  Girls need to be inspired to be independent thinkers.  They need to be exposed to female characters that are strong and relatable.  We want our girls to be inspired by others in a positive way.  Netflix has presented girl characters in amazing ways that not only inspire but who also are leaders.  Girls can do anything, be anyone, dream big and conquer! 

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 Here’s to total girl power!

Raising two girls of my own makes me more aware of what is going on in the world around me.  My youngest wants to be a WWE wrestler (it’s a little out there but if that is the goal she has right now, who am I to stand in her way?) and my oldest is studying to be a psychologist.  Two careers that are completely on opposite spectrums!  My job as their mom is to inspire and empower them to be the best in their field.  

I love that they are both independent thinkers and have reached their own level of self-awareness.  They stand up for themselves and their beliefs, and they stand up for each other.  They have bonded as sisters and when they see one struggling, they offer their hand.  That display proves to me that as they both grow into self-supporting women, they will lend a hand to their fellow woman and fight for what’s fair in the home and workplace. 


Which do Netflix female characters your kids connect with? Share how their favorite Netflix shows have made a positive impact and if it’s helped shape their outlook on life.


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