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    Just because Thanksgiving is over doesn’t mean you can’t eat Turkey!

    Hey guys, I wanted to share my Thanksgiving with you because it was FABULOUS! Now, this is how a typical Thanksgiving day meal starts, with me worrying if my turkey is defrosted enough to cook properly. That is quickly followed by me gagging as I attempt to stick my hand down it’s throat opening and rear end opening picking things out that disgust me! Then, once that nasty task is completed we clean, rinse, stuff, pat, and stick on the roasting pan for a few hours until the juicy goodness is done cooking.

    I was introduced to a product by Jennie-O that I know, I canNOT live without. I have seen my share of really good products {and really bad ones}, and I’ll tell you that this one in particular is a REALLY good product for many reasons.  Introducing the Jennie-O Oven Ready WHOLE TURKEY!

    Jennie-O whole bag turkey

    Now if you are looking at that picture and wondering what is so special about this particular type of turkey, I’ll tell you… it goes right from your freezer to your oven with a few easy steps in between!  I was a bit skeptical and was honestly afraid that I’d mess up Thanksgiving, but after using this product once, I know I will never have that fear again!

    All you do is open the the package and inside is the whole, frozen turkey sealed in another cooking bag and a bag of frozen gravy.  You do NOT open that, but you do have to make six little slits in turkey bag that allows the steam to be released.  You do not have to stick your hand in anything, you do not have to worry about it being defrosted enough, or over or under cooked.  Once you have your six slits in the turkey, place it in a roasting pan {sides should be at least 2″} and place on the lowest shelf in your oven.  Let it cook the recommended amount of time in a 375 degree oven.  Now, it does come with a pop-up timer but I couldn’t find the one in my turkey {probably just overlooked it} so I used my regular meat thermometer and it was just fine.  While the turkey was cooking, I thawed out the gravy and started heating that up on the stove when it was almost ready to serve.  Not having to mess with a “regular” turkey allowed me to prepare for the rest of the dinner without stress or aggravation and I LOVED that! I was still worried about the Jennie-O Oven Ready Whole Turkey cooking in my oven though.  Wondering if it will taste good since we didn’t do our normal seasoning to it.  While we waited for the turkey…and our other guests, the kids did a little coloring on this really neat coloring table cloth at Walmart.

    Coloring on Thanksgiving Table Cloth

    After the alloted 4-5 hours of cooking time elapsed and the thermometer said the turkey was done…now the testing really was taking place.  We asked a few questions for ourselves and again with our guests…

    Was is seasoned ok?
    Was it tender and tasty?
    Was it easy to prepare?
    What it cost effective?
    Would we purchase it again?

    All the questions asked were answered YES!  Yes, it was seasoned to perfection! Not sure where they hid the seasonings but it was in there!  Was it tender and tasty?  YES!  It literally fell off the bone so even having the cutting and prep time was cut in half!  It seemed like the meat was so tender, as tender as you’d see meat that has been cooking in a crockpot…that’s how it just fell apart off the bone…LOVE!!!  Was it easy to prepare….heck to the YES!!!  I really loved not having to get nasty to make the turkey that would gross me out!  I loved that it was a couple steps and my cooking began.  LOVED that part best!  Was it cost effective?  YES!  Compared to what other turkey’s cost, it was priced just right for me.  It was on sale for $19.99 {12 pound turkey} and if you use coupons, I know I’ve seen them too in the paper.  Would I purchase it again?  ABSOLUTELY!  Just take a look at how amazing it looks!  It definitely hit the spot, and all my guests had nothing but good things to say!

    completed dinner

    Just because it isn’t Thanksgiving anymore doesn’t mean you can’t get a Jennie-O Oven Ready Whole Turkey any time you want it!  And, if you don’t want to cook a whole turkey, they come in turkey breast only too!  I swear, you will LOVE this!


    PS…Disclaimer – I did receive some coupons to use towards the purchase of this product, however all opinions and views are my own as said above.

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