3 countertop appliances guaranteed to make your life easy

As I was making dinner tonight I realized that I absolutely love 3 of my countertop appliances and don’t know how I had lived without them for so long.  I didn’t think I would love a small kitchen appliance as much as I do, but it’s true.  It genuinely makes me so happy that I actually enjoy making dinner again.  Tonight I made my favorite Italian sausage dinner in a Christmas gift I bought for myself. 

3 countertop appliances guaranteed to make your life easy

My Top 3 Countertop Appliances!

I’m the kind of mom that looks for ways to make my life easy.  I spot clean when something needs to be cleaned and create a weekly dinner menu.  I crockpot cook on Mondays to make the first day of the new week go smoothly.  And, I have developed a makeup routine to take less than 15 minutes.  It only made sense to find small, kitchen countertop appliances that would really make my life easier and I succeeded!

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Let’s Blend!

  1.  The Vitamix – This is one bad ass blender!  You can make smoothies, milkshakes, soups, peanut butter (or any other nut butter), flour (like oat flour), puréed foods, dips, hummus, salad dressing, applesauce and oh, so much more!  It is one of those items that once you start using it, you will just try to find more things to make with it.  It will soon become one of those items that never leave your countertop!  The downside is the cost.  The Vitamix is not cheap and once you have it, you’ll understand why.  The quality of the product and blades are like no other on the market.  

Let’s Mix!

2.  The KitchenAid Stand Mixer – I use my KitchenAid mixer whenever possible!  I use it to make pancake mix, whipped cream, frosting, brownies, cakes, bread, and cookies.  It doesn’t stop there, though.  I purchased the attachment so I can grate or slice cheese, carrots, and onions.  I can also make homemade ice cream using the ice cream bowl.  It is another item that I keep on my counter because I use it almost every other day!  Next on my list is the pasta attachments!  I am dying to make my own pasta like ravioli, spaghetti or lasagna noodles!  This countertop appliance certainly gets a work out in my house!

Let’s Cook!

3.  And lastly, my newest baby….the Ninja Cooking System.  I cannot begin to tell you how amazingly awesome this small appliance is!  For Christmas, I purchased this as a gift to myself and it’s probably the best gift I could have ever received!  This week I started using it and so far I have made everything in it, a Tuscan chicken dish, peppers, potatoes and Italian sausage dish that I mentioned above and tonight I made chicken parmesan in it.  The chicken was so tender and cooked to perfection!  See, the thing with the Ninja Cooking System is that is can be used as a 1. slow cooker, 2. a stovetop, 3. an oven, and 4. a steamer.  So far I have used the slow cooker, stovetop, and oven.  I haven’t tried the steamer yet but that is coming up next!  

It is the BEST small kitchen appliance ever!  No need to turn on the hot oven in the summers and no messy stovetop!  Another great thing about this little baby is that the clean up is the easiest clean up ever!  I have had crockpots in the past that I would have to scrub until my fingers bled.  Ok, that’s an exaggeration, but you get where I’m coming from.  With the Ninja Cooking System, I just fill with soapy hot water and use my dishrag and rinse.  It’s that simple!  Out of all three, if you could only get one, I’d say get this one first!  

So there you have it…my top 3 countertop appliances that you will soon learn how you have lived without them for so long!  If you could pick your favorite countertop appliances, what would you pick?