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    Lighting up your holiday; Sylvania style

    Did you know that Sylvania made more than just light bulbs? I had no clue. Sure, I’ve bought all different kinds of light bulbs over the years for the house, for flashlights, nightlights, indoor and outdoor lights and more but much to my surprise, they have an online store stocked with various lighting systems for the whole family! I am thrilled beyond words to share these products with you.

    For starters, Sylvania is one of the oldest lighting suppliers in the world. They have built their reputation based on exceptional performance, high-quality products and strong customer service. All of which are key components for running a successful business with a huge consumer following. They quite frankly, listen to their consumers and take it to the next level by producing products that are not only wanted, but needed.

    LED table runnerIf you are looking to wow your dinner guests this holiday season, look no further than the LED Table Runner! It is really a cool product. It is a fiber optic chargeable table runner that will last up to 10 hours on a single charge. It is white with black satin sides which makes for a very elegant feel. When you have your lights dimmed and your table runner on, it just glimmers with sparkly lights. I tried taking a picture with it on but my camera was messed up so it didn’t work the way I’d hoped. (Sorry!) It retails for $69.99 and for those that do quite a bit of entertaining, this is a definite must have for any holiday party.

    EcolightOk, so this is by far my favorite product…EVER!!! You see, I have probably the smallest shower in the entire world. Not only is it small, but it is in a dark corner making it hard to see. Well, let me tell you, when I saw this product I knew it was going to be perfect in my shower! It is the Ecolight, water powered shower light! WHO KNEW!!!???? Yes, I yelled that because, really, who knew there was such a thing? It is so easy to install and it attaches to standard shower heads. You simply take off your shower head and put the Ecolight between the main pipe and shower head and the pressure from the water lights up the Ecolight. No batteries needed! Another cool feature is that it has a temperature guage that will glow blue for temperatures less than 78 degrees F, and it will glow red for temperatures above 105.8 degrees F. (Psst, Sylvania peeps, what would be really neat is if this also came with a timer that stops the flow of water after 3 minutes-making it even more eco-friendly, I’m just sayin.) It retails for $39.99 and it is my numero uno favorite product!

    golden dragonThis next product works great in my house too because I’ve always wanted under the cabinet lights. I think they add that special relaxing ambiance that is really warm and inviting. The Golden Dragon is a bright white LED light that is easy to install and is brighter than the standard push-on lights. All you have to do is use the self adhesive mounting tape and place it anywhere you want extra lights. You can put it in your closet, under your closet, in your shed and really anywhere else you need a touch of extra lighting. I will be getting more to place in other areas of my home, namely my husband’s shed! It does require 3AA batteries, however the first three are supplied for you. The Golden Dragon retails for $16.99, and again, another great gift or stocking stuffer for the man in your life! 😉

    dot*it h2oThe next two products are a part of Sylvania’s DOT*it product line. We tried out the DOT*it H2O and it is a small bright white LED light that is waterproof! It runs off of 3 AAA batteries (first set is included) and has a nice touch on/off switch that doesn’t require a lot of pressure. You can adhere it with the included self adhesive or you can use the already attached magnet. Safe to use in the rain, so keep it in your car for emergencies, and you know what would be really neat? Put it in your bathtub! I bet the kids would have a blast taking a bath in the lighted bathtub! It’s good enough for a swimming pool, so why not a bathtub? The DOT*it H2O retails for $9.99.

    litesticks_blue11The other product is the DOT*it Lite Stick. This product is a great one to have if you have children who like to play outside at night, or to just keep in the car or house, again for emergencies and more. It is a lighted stick, much like a flashlight, however this has a cord that can be worn around the neck or hooked on to something. It has three modes, off, constant and flashing. Flashing is great for the kids to play with, or for placing inside your pumpkin for a safe alternative to candles, and it is portable so you can take it anywhere you’d like. It has a retail price of $4.99 and makes great stocking stuffer gifts.

    rocketshipThe next product is the PalPODzzz which is a portable rocket ship night light. I can’t say it enough but all these products are super cool! The PalPODzzz retails for $19.99 and makes a great night light for any child room. The base of the rocket ship is the charger. When it is on, the base glows. You can remove the ship itself and use it as a flashlight because it is portable. When fully charged it will last up to 4 hours, so if you ever experience power outages in your area, rest assure that the PalPODzzz will help to keep your children feeling safe and secure. If you have night time readers, or children that wake up in the middle of the night, this may also help to keep them feeling safe and secure knowing that they are not alone in the dark. My son who is 7, absolutely loves this night light and I can highly suggest that you too should get one for your child. They have another design which is a portable ladybug that I would love to get as well, one for each of my two girls.

    So you see, if you thought Sylvania was just for light bulbs, think again! I have shown you and shared with you 6 excellent products that every home should not be without. Ranging in price from $9.99 to $69.99 there is a Sylvania gift for every person on your holiday shopping list. You can order these and many more products at Sylvania’s Online Store.

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