Who is.. “Oscar the Pig”? Book in Review

Oscar the Pig by Megan Calhoun

Oscar the Pig – Mommy goes to work is a story written by Megan Calhoun about a little pig whose mommy is going back to work. Oscar is faced with a lot of feelings kids feel when they learn their mom isn’t going to be there for them. They are scared, worried, confused and Oscar learns first hand that staying with his nanny, Mrs. Tutu isn’t so bad after all. He realizes that his mommy will come back to him and still loves him very much. With Mrs. Tutu, Oscar goes on a wild adventure to China soon to discover that his mom is back already and giving him his much loved, “piggy kisses”! He shares his day with his mommy and is so excited that he just cannot wait to go on another adventure with Mrs. Tutu.

Oscar the Pig and Mommy

It is a fun book for preschool aged children as it deals with how children can cope with separation anxiety. As I read this story to my 4 year old and she loved using her imagination afterward and decided she wanted to go to France. Ok, so I let her! She is now Gigi from Paris and not Gianna from Plainfield!

To learn more about Oscar the Pig, you can visit his website at oscarthepig.com. This book is the first in a series which is being developed by Megan Calhoun. It is published by Silly String Media. Other successful ventures by Megan Calhoun include Twittermoms.com, a social networking and community site for moms. The gorgeous illustrations in the book were developed for Megan by an artist who lives in Thailand. The book is available at Amazon.com ($16-$18) or at OscarThePig.com.