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    Netflix Launches Birthdays On-Demand #AD

    Birthdays On-Demand.  What a concept!  My son is turning 16 tomorrow.  I haven’t really shared too much about my son since he left his baseball days behind, but the truth is, I could talk about him if I could.  He always makes jokes about how no one cares about him because he’s the “middle” child.   He will send me memes of how life is as a middle child.   Now it’s just become an ongoing stream of texts.  He recently sent me this link (little does he know, I am buying it for his Christmas stocking this year):

    Soap for the middle child

    So, he’s turning 16 and birthdays are a big deal.  No one understands that more than parents….and Netflix.  Did you know that Netflix now has a special Birthdays On-Demand?   Netflix has launched 15 Birthdays On-Demand featurettes that star characters in your kiddos’ favorite shows.   They can get a special birthday from the Beat Bugs, Barbie and my sons favorite, Pokemon.  Yep, at 16, he still loves Pokemon.  With the most common birthday (September 16)  just a mere 10 days prior to my sons birthday (September 26), Netflix is giving parents the ultimate birthday hack!  You betcha I’ll be playing the Pokemon birthday message before my son walks out the door to catch his bus tomorrow.  But, before I do that….to help Netflix celebrate this awesome new addition, we baked a cake and celebrated their news with them!

    Birthdays On-Demand by Netflix


    We received this little gift from Netflix.  I work with Netflix and often times they send us these little special treats.  I can’t wait to see what’s inside!

    YUM!  We get to bake a cake to help them celebrate!  And, it’s my favorite flavor! Red Velvet with Cream Cheese frosting!  DEEEEEEAAAALISH!

    Birthdays On-Demand

    Netflix (and Verified Mom) celebrate your special day with you!  Tune into Netflix and share a special birthday message with your little one! 🙂 


    Netflix Stream Team





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