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    New Food Pyramid

    Michelle Obama released a new food pyramid to help in her efforts to fight childhood obesity. Here is an excerpt from Parents Magazine.

    Saying that the USDA Food Pyramid is too complicated for busy families, Michelle Obama unveiled a more streamlined approach to healthy eating at a press conference today. “Parents don’t have time to measure out three ounces of chicken or 1/2 cup of rice,” she said. Instead, the new “My Plate” icon is divided up by food group, with veggies getting the most room followed by grains, protein, fruits, and dairy.

    Parents nutrition advisor Elisa Zied, R.D., a mom of two, gives the new approach a B-Plus. “It’s definitely easier to understand,” she said. “But it’s ambitious to get kids to eat all five groups at one meal. You might fit in three or four.” Her solution: Fill in the missing group at snack time. What do you think of the new icon?

    Do you think this will help parents and children help serve better portions and meals??

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