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Ninja Coffee Brewer is a Game Changer!


The Ninja Coffee Brewer and why you should get one:

Buying iced coffee or any coffee really can get expensive.  Especially if you’re buying it every day.  Which is a lesson my college-aged daughter learned right away.  Every day on her way to school she would swing by the local coffee shop and pick up her favorite iced coffee drink, caramel iced coffee with cream and liquid sugar.  That one stop would cost her about $3 daily.  So, we thought we would try to make iced coffee using one of our two coffee pots but sadly we were unsuccessful.

I don’t know how many coffee pots you have at your house, but we have two and I hate how it takes up so much counter space.  Considering, I don’t even drink coffee I wanted to find a way to make both of my in-house coffee drinkers happy while I got some of my counter space back.  

Coffee Pot Overload
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The Brewer Details

When I learned about the Ninja coffee Auto-iQ brewer I knew I wanted to give it a try…or have the coffee drinkers give it a try.  When I told my husband I was going to be testing out this new brewer he had his doubts.  He loves his single serve pod coffee in the morning alongside his regular pot of coffee.  He works in construction so he fills up his travel mug with the single serve “strong” coffee and his Stanley coffee thermos with regular brewed coffee.  When the Ninja coffee brewer arrived he wasn’t too excited because….well he hates changes…especially where his coffee is concerned.

One look at this machine and I had a gut feeling he was going to love it.  I was selling him on the fact that I could get rid of the two coffee pots and just use one because it has four different brew sizes and 3 different, yet essential brews.  I don’t drink coffee but I think I might have been slightly more excited than him.  Let me share some of the sweet features with you (because I still am a bit excited about them)…


Brew Sizes:

Cup – a regular sized coffee cup for just a quick cup o’ joe at home.

Travel Cup – a nice 12-16 ounce travel cup is the perfect size for coffee on the go!

Half Pot – for when you want more than that one quick cup.

Full Pot – for when you’re really thirsty!


Essential Brews: 

Classic brew – a smooth, well-balanced flavor

Rich brew – richer than the classic brew but with more intense flavor

Over ice – specially designed to brew hot over ice 

I had my husband pick which brew he wanted.  He selected the rich brew.  We started with just the cup first.  Before we made our coffee though I made sure I purchased a permanent filter (which it does not come with) because I didn’t want to have to make sure I had paper filters on hand at all times.  The Ninja coffee brewer does not require pods or reusable pod filters so you can use any coffee you want! BONUS!  We filled the measuring spoon (provided) with two small scoops and selected cup & rich brew.  Rich brew does take slightly longer to make so plan accordingly.  

Brewing Results!

All it took was two cups before he was insanely impressed.  He decided to start making a full pot in the morning and forgo the need to make two separate types, travel mug, and full pot.  Now, he brews one pot with a rich brew and fills one travel mug with the freshly brewed coffee and the thermos with the remaining coffee.  This not only eliminates one coffee pot on my counter, but it also eliminates the need to purchase two separate brands of coffee.  Now I just buy one! YAY!  I’m saving money AND counter space!  He mentions to me all the time how much he loves his new coffee pot.  Just look at my after photo!  Look at all that space!  LOVE it beyond words!  

Not only does my husband love it, but guess what?  I love it too!  I discovered that I can make iced tea, hot cocoa, AND hot tea!  Not only do I love it, but my daughter loves creating different flavored iced coffees!  It is easily one of my favorite kitchen appliances!  That’s why I’m giving it a #1 Verified Mom Reward! WHOOP!  Do you have a Ninja coffee brewer?  What is your favorite drink to make?

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