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    #NovemberBlogChallenge – A Way to Get Back to Writing!

    It’s me! Phyllis from the blog, Verified Mom. I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything that is worth reading but I hope that this will change very soon. Like sometime this month! I, along with a handful of bloggers have decided to start a daily blogging challenge to hopefully ignite some writing creativity and we are starting TODAY! Follow along on social media using the hashtag #NovemberBlogChallenge!

    Who Am I?

    First, let’s start with who I am. For those that don’t know, my name is Phyllis and I am the writer here on the blog, Verified Mom. I am married to my husband (going on) 25 years. We have been together for 30 years. That’s a very long time by today’s standard. During that time we had three children together, Alyssa who is now 21, Scott who is now 18 and Gianna who is now 15. My kids were the reason I started blogging way back when! Now they are *almost* all adult-like so I don’t really post too much about them anymore which is why I have struggled with writing. We also have two pups, Leo and Karma. Leo is a German Shepard/Husky mix and Karma is a Pomerania. Talk about size differences.

    What Can You Expect?

    What can you expect during the next 30 days? A blog post every day! They won’t be long posts but just enough so you can get a good idea of who I am (now), and what I like to write about. I will also share with you in each blog post the links of my fellow blogger’s posts so you can check them out and get to know them too!


    Here is a schedule of the topics I will be sharing every day.

     30 Days of blogging for November

    And, if this isn’t enough, I am also planning on doing 12 days of Christmas – BLOGMAS style! Stay tuned for more info on that!

    So there you have it. You know just a little bit about me, my blog and why I am spearheading this writing challenge! I miss writing and can’t wait to get back into it and I’ll do whatever it takes to get this party started again! Don’t forget, follow along using the hashtag, #NovemberBlogChallenge


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