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    All-New @BoschHomeUS Counter-Depth Refrigerator At @BestBuy #AD #NewBoschRefrigerator

    We are in the process of discussing what we would like to do with our kitchen remodel (whenever that happens). We had this home built in 2001 so 18 years later and everything in it needs to be updated. Especially the kitchen! As we are finding out, with all those discussions come a lot of decisions to make!

    We currently have a mix/match set of appliances, one white stove & microwave, and a black dishwasher and fridge, all of which I hate.

    When looking at appliances, I have found a few features in a refrigerator that I’d like to make sure I have in mind. That being stainless-steel finish, an automatic ice-maker that actually works and adjustable shelves that don’t break. I bought a lemon of a fridge (I may share that in a later post).

    Enter the all-new Bosch counter-depth refrigerator. When I saw this one, I fell in love. I mean, it’s a beautiful fridge, isn’t it?

    With the Stainless-steel finish, it aligns perfectly with any stylish kitchen design. It has touch-sensitive controls to make things a lot simpler. You can organize with ease because it includes 5 tempered glass shelves (4 of which are adjustable and half-width in size), 3-gallon door bins (mine now has 2-gallon door bins and we go through milk like crazy here so that extra space would be fab!)

    Look, there are no ugly water dispensers on the outside of the refrigerator! The new Bosch counter-depth refrigerator has an internal water dispenser with a replacement filter. It delivers filtered water with one touch (and probably no mess like the ones on the outside create -speaking from experience there). It is also equipt with LED interior lighting and a door alarm that will alert you when the fridge door is left open. And, get this! It has an automatic ice maker that provides you with a steady supply of ice without the mess.

    Look at how sleek this looks! ^

    One of the coolest new features is the revolutionary FarmFresh System™. This system combines 4 innovative technologies to keep your food fresh up to 3x longer. Fresh food means less food wasted. *As compared to a Bosch refrigerator without FarmFresh System™. Results may vary among different foods.

    The FarmFresh System™ features –

    • VitaFreshPro™ offers preset settings that automatically balance BOTH temperature and humidity
    • FreshProtect™absorbs naturally occurring ethylene to slow ripening, so produce stays fresher, longer.
    • MultiAirFlow™ evenly circulates cool, fresh air to maintain consistent temperatures throughout the entire fridge cavity, from the door bins to back corners.
    • AirFresh® Filter absorbs even the toughest food odors, keeping your refrigerator and freezer air fresh.

    There are so many cool and updated features that I like and with a brand like Bosch, you can bet they use the highest quality materials and this is a timeless design that’s built to last.

    For more information, be sure to check out Best Buy! I know which refrigerator I’m putting on my kitchen remodeling wishlist!

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