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    November Monthly Goals

    Setting monthly goals is difficult for me. It’s a love-hate relationship. However, I am determined to set my monthly goals AND meet them this time! I figure if I take the time to write them all out, there really isn’t any excuse to not check them off the list! Some times it’s as basic as cleaning out a closet, yet it never gets crossed off the list!

    Do you make monthly lists or monthly goals of things you wish to tackle or accomplish?

    I’m going to share my November Monthly Goals list and hopefully by the end of this writing challenge, I’ll have everything checked off!

    10 Monthly Goals for November #VerifiedMom #NovemberBlogChallenge

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    10 Monthly Goals for ME!

    1. Create my SPED Squad t-shirts using my Cricut (enjoy 20% off select clearance products (valid 11/1-11/5 2019)
    2. Save $200 this month! Saving money is hard lately!
    3. Step outside of my comfort zone and go do something I wouldn’t normally do (like actually GO to the movies, go to a NEW restaurant, things like that).
    4. Finish the book I started in the summer – The Weekenders by Mary Kay Andrews.
    5. TRACK my daily eating using the Noom app! I paid for this app, started strong, took a vacation and suddenly forgot how to track! (Starting tomorrow!!!!!)
    6. Drink TWO glasses of water every day! I suck at drinking water! I have to make this more of a priority. See, it’s at number 6!
    7. Pitch more brands for sponsored posts! I’d like to pitch at least 5 brands per week. I created a tracking tool on AirTable for this so now it’s time to put it to use!
    8. Focus on building my Virtual Assistant business so I can transition from working outside the home to back inside the home!
    9. Write in my journal every evening before bed. I used to do this and I feel like it really helped to clear my mind. I purchased these gratitude journals for my clients and I kept one for myself so there is no excuse not to do it.
    10. Last but not least – clean out my closet! I know there are clothes in there that I do not wear! It’s time to just “let it go” already and face the fact that; 1, I’ll never fit in them again and 2, they are probably out of style so why would I want to wear them? AND, let the old bathing suits GO! The suit I wore in 1998 is about 10 sizes too small! LET THE DAMN THING GO!!!

    There ya have it. My to-do list for the month! When things get done, I will be sure to come back and update the list. In the meantime, what are some of the things on your to-do monthly goal list?

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